Astonishing: Parkinson halted by Thiamin. 250 patients have been cured in Viterbo by an Italian neurologist

Astonishing: Parkinson halted by Thiamin. 250 patients have been cured in Viterbo by an Italian neurologist

Parkinson’s disease instantly evokes feelings of fear and horror. Like other neurodegenerative diseases it causes the detriment of certain qualities that are significant to life and human dignity.

Contracting this disease means to ineluctably succumb to a spiral of pain and annihilation, within which are tormented patients and their families alike.

 Until recently the efforts towards finding a cure for this and similar diseases yielded meager results.

However, since 2010 an Italian neurologist, Doctor Antonio Costantini, has found a way to counter Parkinson’s disease and similar afflictions with the Thiamine ( in Italian Vitamina B1 ). A massive supplement of this vitamin has so far been an effective counter to neurodegenerative diseases that share the symptom of chronic exhaustion.

Ultima Edizione has discovered that Doctor Costantini has already helped around 250 patients through a tunnel of desperation in which they had been funneled by these diseases. In many cases these patients arrived in his office from the Casa di Cura Villa Immacolata di San Martino al Cimino, after having knocked on many doors in the hope of finding a cure that couldn’t be found, while the illness worsened their physical and mental conditions.

In many cases they spent a fortune. Entirely fruitlessly.

Following the disappointment in the ineffectiveness of various cures, hailed as miraculous over the course of the last couple of years, Ultima Edizione met with Doctor Costantini only after having confirmed that the doctor and his team had diligently undergone the scrupulous scientific verifications required in these cases.

Sources and medical conferences

Some specialized magazines have accepted his introductory works and Doctor Costantini has even been invited to participate in a number of National and International conferences concerning the subject.

Ultima Edizione presents all of this with documents and video recordings.

Videos with Parkinson’s Patients before and after treatment


Our online newspaper features the videos of Costantini’s patients on the day of their first exam. The same patients are then filmed and recorded after the first cicle of cure. The images are impressive and convincing.

We have met and interviewed some of these patients who have authorized us to divulge their odyssey towards a dignified and acceptable life.

It is not our intention to perpetuate the detrimental practice of advertising another miraculous cure, however we are convinced that the efforts of Doctor Costantini towards helping these patients must be known and supported by the so-called official medicine.

Ultima Edizione